“Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy is neuromuscular re-education that aims to achieve adequate orofacial muscular patterns for optimal functioning of breathing, chewing, suctioning, swallowing, speech and even sleeping.” (Ramirez, McCormick, 2014)

Myofunctional therapy is a non-invasive treatment that involves a series of exercises designed to condition orofacial muscle tone. It can help reduce the negative impact to facial growth and hence teeth position from poor orofacial habits. It may stabilise orthodontic results to prevent relapses that occur due to poor breathing and swallowing patterns.
The exercises increase orofacial muscle tone and can help to reduce snoring.
Why do we need to tone our orofacial (mouth and face) muscles?

Our mouth and facial muscles not only help us move our jaw, they also control how we breathe, create facial expressions, and the way our teeth and facial bones grow.

Orofacial Myofunctional intervention includes behavior modification techniques and orofacial myofunctional exercises to improve the strength, tone and mobility and/or coordination of orofacial structures (tongue, lips ,cheeks, pharynx, and jaw) focusing on the airway, rest posture and oral awareness.

Myofunctional therapy is not the same as orthodontic treatment. It can be applied in conjunction with orthodontic retainers to improve long-term stability of the final orthodontic result.

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